Rosa Ivago

Flag Thane of Dragos


Rosa Ivago is the Margrave of Dragos’ 2nd wife. Originally from the Anuirean Empire, she is Alessi Ivago’s youngest daughter (of three). She brings a touch of grace to the March of Dragos, and though she clearly does not fit well in the rustic setting, she has never been heard to complain.

She appears to be legitimately fond of Laszar, and has borne him a daughter (Elisa, age 4) and a son (Tomas, age 2).

She serves as Flag Thane (Grand Diplomat) of the March, overseeing foreign relations and treaties, and crafting domestic pronouncements.

Rosa is a 5th level Bard in the College of Lore.
She also carries the Blood of Masela, a gift from her mother’s side.

Rosa Ivago

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